Our Team

Kate Taylor, President of Kaleidoscope Marketing 

Kate is an abstract painter committed to capturing the energy and form of nature by building up layers of paint using a palette knife and manipulating it as it is drying. Her compositions are based on landscapes; abstracting them to pure colour and line. She is part of SolidColour and ColourShift Abstract Art Collectives. When not painting, Kate is Co-CEO of Kaleidoscope Marketing, an agency specializing in executive engagement. She also sits on a number of boards including Vice Chair of the Artist’s Network, Chair of the Canadian Advertising Museum and Past President of the American Marketing Association.


Gary Bercovitch, Secretary

Gary Bercovitch is a painter, sculptor, curator, impressario, inventor, designer and writer. Active with artist groups and galleries for 20+ years, he is a seasoned fundraiser and recruiter. An avid entrepreneur, he's had businesses in marketing, communications and communication technologies. He is a self-taught artist, best known for his abstractions and plays with colour, flow and form. He has exhibited his work widely in Canada and the United States and his art is held in many private collections in North America, Europe and Asia. He is also a healer, a charmsmith and an adventurous cook. He currently works front-of-house for the Art Gallery of Ontario where he delights in guiding and fostering the love of art. 



Jamie MacLean, Treasurer

About me, I am a late starter in the art world having been painting fulltime since 2005, only becoming passionate about my art after a 30 year engineering career (from design engineering to construction management to manufacturing Plant manager to consultant). Surprisingly this zeal was kick started during a seminar series about operating your own consulting business. Every morning the facilitator would ask if “we were doing this because we were doing this or because we wanted to do this” and on the discussion of drams and objectives – “if not now, when?”. And that was it. 


Roderik Mayne, Member

Roderik Mayne is a well-known art director and production designer in Canadian film and television. His many credits include That Beautiful Somewhere, .45, Jeff Ltd, Street Time, Dear America (anthology series), Due South, Isabella Rocks, Murray McGuire, Wind at My Back, We the Jury, Robocop, Riverdale, The Campbells, Night Heat, Screech Owls, Animorphs, Goosebumps, Madonna The Early Years, Beautiful Dreamers and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Educated in both Canada and the U.S., Rod holds a master’s degree in fine arts from Carnegie-Mellon University, a BFA in design from Concordia University, a BA in anthropology from McGill University, and a diploma in design from the Banff Centre. His paintings have been exhibited in and around the Toronto area.



Paul Brandejs, Member

Paul Brandejs is a Canadian abstract artist who isolates the abstract that exists in his photographs and print the images on canvas which is stretched onto variously shaped stretcher, producing a 3D efect that enhance the abstract nature of each image. He views the shape and texture of the canvas as a catalyst to unlimited creativity and pushes canvas from a traditional square or rectangle to a new art form. Paul studied in Banff School of fine Arts and holds a four year diploma in Fine Arts from Ontario College of Art, spending his last year of study in Florence, Italy, studying under Canadian Figurative Artist Tom La Pierre. He also received a Communications & Design/Editorial Design degree from Ontario College of Art and is a member for Registered Graphic Designe (R.G.D.) of Ontario since 1996.