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Why Support the Artists’ Network?

“The Conference Board of Canada believes arts and culture are cornerstones of the creative, knowledge-based economy.” Valuing Culture, Hill Strategies Research (2008)

“Individual donations to arts and culture organizations represent 1.0% of financial donations to all types of non-profit organizations in Canada.” Hill Strategies Research (2007) 

“In Toronto, the median earnings of artists are $18,300, which is 36% less than all Toronto workers.” Mapping Artists and Cultural Workers, Hill Strategies Research (2010)

“In the context of dismal earnings statistics for visual artists (average earnings of only $18,700 for visual artists and $15,500 for artisans and craftspeople, well below the average earnings of $31,800 in the overall labour force in Canada), it is not surprising that the issue of the need for artists to make a living was a key theme of the recent Summit.” Artists, Art Practice and the Arts Market, Arts Research Monitor (2008)

“More than half of all visual artists (56%) lose money on their artistic practice. The study indicates “artists pay a significant economic penalty to pursue their practice”. Therefore, visual artists themselves are the primary funders of artistic practices.” Hill Strategies Research (2007)

“Creative Industries are a $9 billion economy in Toronto employing over 130,000 people in the Toronto Region.” Toronto Community Foundation, Toronto Vital Signs Report (2009)

“Regarding the statement that arts activities help enrich the quality of our lives, 64% of adult

Ontarians strongly agree and another 31% somewhat agree.” The Arts and the Quality of Life. Arts Research Monitor (2011)

“The impact of the cultural sector on employment equals 1.1 million jobs, or 7.1% of total employment in Canada.” Hill Strategies Research (2008) “Canadian consumers spent over $27 billion on cultural goods and services in 2008, which represents $841 for every Canadian resident. The $27.4 billion in consumer spending is three times larger than the $9.2 billion spent on culture by all levels of government in 2007/08.” Hill Strategies Research (2009)

“Supporting local artists will give them a chance to become great artists. Support of the arts offers the ability to attract and retain creative thinkers/employees. Some unique attributes that arts organizations can offer businesses include: opportunities for many layers of participation; the fact that association with an arts organization conveys creativity, forward-thinking and innovation; and the fact that many arts sponsorships are reasonably priced compared with other sponsorship opportunities. An investment in the arts provides significant benefits to society and allows businesses to align with the interests of key stakeholders: employees and customers”.

Business for the Arts & Arts Research Monitor (2007)