One of the best ways to meet people and build your network is to volunteer. The Artists’ Network is a volunteer association so we depend on you to make events such as the Riverdale Art Walk happen. We know that many of you have skills that can be leveraged to help us get the word out, hang a show or welcome guests into the gallery. We encourage you to give back to your community. We have many ways you can get involved; volunteer one time at an event or join a committee to have more input into the running of the organization.

On Going Volunteer Positions:

Networking Committee Member
Be a part of the team that develops many of the business building seminars for members. In this role, you would assist setting the calendar for the networking seminars and determining the educational needs of the membership. In addition, you would be asked to facilitate roughly 3 seminars a year, taking the lead to organize the event and liaise with the required speaker and arrange for any equipment needed. 

Time commitment: A two hour meeting roughly ten times a year. Plus roughly three to five hours to organize individual sessions. 
Yes – I want to be involved!

Hangman Programming Committee
The Hangman Art Gallery provides opportunities for local artists to showcase their work. Be a part of the team that juries and promotes these shows. You would be responsible for determining the programming calendar for Hangman. This would include jurying submission for exhibitions, contributing to the setting of themes for group shows and open calls. Assist in the management of mounting exhibitions and taking a lead to co-ordinate the various exhibitions. Assist in the promotion of the exhibitions.

Time Commitment: A two hour meeting roughly ten times a year.Plus roughly five to seven hours when taking the lead in co-ordinating about two to three exhibition a year. 
Yes – I want to be involved!

Marketing Committee
The marketing committee is one of our largest and most active committees. There are a number of opportunities for participation:  

Public Relations 
Working with the Marketing Committee, develop a PR plan, based on an annual marketing calendar; develop any generic tools that are identified as needed by initiatives such as Riverdale Art Walk or shows at the Hangman Art Gallery, act as a consultant to other committees on an as needed basis

Time Commitment: Time to build the plan, then ongoing as needed with increased time just prior to the outdoor shows.
Yes – I want to be involved!

Graphic Designers
With our new branding, many of our marketing and sponsorship collateral needs to be reworked. This role requires experience in InDesign and Photoshop in order to create show postcards, signage, banners, digital invites, flyers etc as needed.

Time Commitment: 6 to 8 hours a month, perhaps a few more leading into events
Yes – I want to be involved!

Photoshop Expert
Skilled individual needed to help prepare files of members’ art for marketing, online catalogues, online bidding, etc

Time Commitment: 6 hours a month, perhaps more leading into events
Yes – I want to be involved!

Copy Writer
As you read through our website – did you feel the need to do some editing or rewriting? If so, we need your help!Leveraging our newly completed Brand Capsule, you will be responsible for helping develop marketing materials, ongoing website copy, and member bulletins.

Time Commitment: 4 to 8 hours a month
Yes – I want to be involved!

Web Updater
Working with the web team, assist in the development of the new website, updating content and images on an ongoing basis.

Time Commitment: 4 to 8 hours a month
Yes – I want to be involved!

Sponsorship Coordinator
The Artists’ Network relies on sponsorship to continue to provide the excellent services. This role will support the board and Sponsorship committee to co-ordinate and track who's been approached, who said yes, who said no, how much, etc. Experience in sponsorship and the ability to contact large organizations for sponsorship a huge asset.

Time Commitment: 4 to 8 hours a month
Yes – I want to be involved!

Ambassadors Program
If you are an established or mid-career artist, we are looking for individuals to liaise with the community to be spokespeople about the Artists’ Network or as artists. Youi may be asked to participate in sponsor events or "lunch and learns" for sponsor employees - Understanding Art 101, Collecting 101, Photography 101, Painting 101,etc. In addition knowledgeable representatives in booths at RAW, QWAC, Outdoor Art, etc.

Time Commitment: 2 to 6 hours a month
Yes – I want to be involved!

Hangman Art Gallery Setup
The person who fills this role will be responsible for helping to hang shows (once every 3 weeks), general organisation as related to hanging of shows and the gallery (e.g. ensuring that hanging equipment is available and in good order) and general maintenance of gallery.

Time Commitment: 2 to 4 hours every 3 weeks
Yes – I want to be involved!

Membership Coordinator
This role includes helping to maintain an accurate membership list, cross referencing to web-page to ensure that members are uploaded onto website, membership intake form - to ensure that welcome letter that is automatically generated when new members join, is sent out.

Time Commitment: 2 to 4 hours per month
Yes – I want to be involved!