All About Framing & Fine Art Printing 

WHEN: Tuesday April 18, 2017 6:30-8:30 

WHERE: Ralph Thornton Centre, 765 Queen St. E, 3rd Floor

Now that show season is upon us, this seminar will cover very useful information on framing options for your work and the printing of photography and fine art reproductions.


Framing with Akasha Arts

Proprietors Kelly Kyle and Sonja Scharf have been practicing artists and photographers for over 25 years. Their overall vision from which they conduct their business is guided by their formal art education and a passion for a variety of art forms. Their combined backgrounds of producing, curating and handling art allow Kelly, Sonja and their team to understand the individual needs of each client. This culminates in a finished product that contributes to the aesthetic of each image and it’s environment.

Practicing "safe framing"- questions to ask your framer or potential frame

Custom Framing vs. Ready-made Framing- the difference/when to choose

Archival vs Conservation framing- the meaning and the difference

Framing styles- creative options to enhance the art or further the vision of the artist

Framing Examples- the good, the bad, and the ugly....

Glass vs. Acrylic- UV options/levels- what to choose and when

Mat board- paper/cotton/alpha cellulose- buffered vs. non-buffered

Mounting- types of substrates/options

Hinging- types of hinges/style of hinging and the reasons behind them

Fine Art Printing with Neil Currie from Tricera Printing 

Bio/Background of Neil Currie of Tricera Printing.

Neil has more than 25 years working in the printing industry, first as an Epson dealer and a printing specialist.

Tricera provides prints from the highest quality printer, using award winning inks, from the most advanced printer driver and profiles, all on the highest quality papers.

Files are printed "as is" which means that all of the artistic intent of the artist or photographer is expressed and they can state that it is 100% their work.

Our presentation will cover all the things needed to get the images to their final format.

Also will provide step by step handouts

  Free to Artists' Network Members      $25 to non-me

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